Since April 2019, I've started a PhD in English Literature at the University of Huddersfield under the supervision of Professor Heather Clark. I'm the recipient of The University of Huddersfield’s Contemporary Poets Project Scholarship.

My research project "'What Made You Stay?' Sylvia Plath, England and her Transnational Identity" aims at understanding the complex relationship between Sylvia Plath and her adoptive country. This aspect of her life has been neglected in academia and I believe studying Plath’s identity as a foreigner in England, an outsider in her own country, a woman in a mixed marriage, and a writer with personal and intellectual connections with Europe would shed a new light on her writing.

Her case demonstrates that living abroad can be a personal journey to discover oneself, that it is not contradictory to love and hate a country at the same time, and that having a double or triple identity is not incompatible.

I find this project particularly relevant in these days of national identity crises.

Ideally, I would like to pursue a career in academia, although I'm well aware this is a very competitive field. I already have in mind other projects I'd like to work on which would involve investigations into émigré literature and intercultural experiences, such as the works of Lucia Berlin and Irène Némirovsky.

Conferences and events

On 6th June 2020, I took part in the Sylvia Plath Zoomposium II. My presentation, "What Made you Stay?: Sylvia Plath, England and Her Transnational Identity" is available on YouTube.

I'm also one of the organisers and speakers for the Sylvia Plath Birthday Party that takes place on 24th October 2020. I will discuss the tea and sherry parties Plath attended upon her arrival in Cambridge and how they helped her getting integrated into British society. You can watch the event again here.

The Sylvia Plath Society

Little by little, I'm getting more involved in The Sylvia Plath Society as I believe this writer deserves better recognition. I'm preparing a list of all the PhD students who are currently working on Plath. If this is your case, please send a brief bio to with this info:

- where you come from

- your university

- the subject of your thesis

- an email address

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