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Julie Irigaray

Writer. Teacher. Researcher.

Welcome to my website. As an author who lived in four different countries, I aim to create a better understanding of the world and our place in it —  a mission which has cast me in many different roles: writer, teacher and researcher.

I am a Creative Writing Tutor, a PhD Candidate in English Literature and a Graduate Teaching Assistant at The University of Huddersfield. You can find out about my publications, experience, research, awards, and more on this website.

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What's New

Spring 2023

Conferences and talks

12th-14th April 2023: "‘I felt I’d come home’: Sylvia Plath and France”, British Association for American Studies Annual Conference 2023, Keele University (UK)

22nd May 2023: I'm discussing my research at the BCLA PG Seminar Series: Emerging Voices in Comparative Literature (online)

15th-16th June 2023: “Accessibility in the Poetry World: How the Pandemic Transformed the Contemporary British Poetry Scene", Contemporary British Poetry in the Long 1980s: From Deregulation to Self-Regulation, Sorbonne Université / UPEC (France)


Whalers, Witches and Gauchos

My poetry pamphlet Whalers, Witches and Gauchos was published by Nine Pens Press last April.

Whalers, Witches and Gauchos explores narratives of displacement, the way we navigate between countries and cultures, and how where we come from makes us who we are. Using my Basque ancestors as a point of reference – these same whalers, witches and gauchos who travelled to the other side of the world or were persecuted – I conjure up my memories of living in the Basque Country, France, Ireland, Italy and the UK. This pamphlet depicts what it is to migrate between places and languages seeking homes that can both sustain us and allow us to grow.

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