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Prizes and Achievements

  • Second Prize Winner of the 2018 Winchester Writers' Festival Poetry Prize (UK)

  • Third Prize Winner of the 2017 Winchester Writers’ Festival Poetry Prize (UK)

Shortlisted for:  

  • The Mslexia Poetry Competition 2020 (UK)

  • The Jane Martin Poetry Prize 2020 (UK)

  • The White Review Poet's Prize 2019 (UK). For a portfolio of poems.

  • The 2017/2018 New Poets Prize (UK). A short collection competition for writers between the ages of 17 and 24.

  • The Mairtín Crawford Poetry Award 2018 (UK). For writers working towards their first poetry collection.

  • The 2017 Over the Edge New Writer of the Year (Ireland)

  • The Yeovil Poetry Prize 2017 (UK)

  • The London Magazine Poetry Prize 2016 (UK)

  • The Blackwater International Poetry Competition 2016 (Ireland)

Longlisted for:

  • The London Magazine Poetry Prize 2024 (UK)

  • Live Canon Poetry Competition 2022 (UK)

  • Indigo-First Pamphlet Competition 2020 (UK)

  • The Mslexia and PBS Women's Poetry Competition 2019 (UK)

  • The Cinnamon Pencil Competition 2019 (UK)

  • The Yeovil Poetry Prize 2017 (UK)



  • The Verve Poetry Festival Competition 2022 (UK)

  • The 2020 Ambit Magazine Poetry Competition (UK)

  • Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize 2020 (UK). A pamphlet competition.

  • Fool for Poetry International Chapbook Competition 2019 (Ireland). A pamphlet competition.

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