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Radio & Podcasts

My poem "The Spanish Maids" was featured on the BBC Radio 4's programme The Poetry Detective, on the theme of poetry and care.

I recorded several poems for Damien Donnelly's podcast "Eat the Storms" season 3, episode 5 (available on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, and Podbean). I chose to read poems I wrote while living in Ireland: "Tales of the Woodcock", "The Argentinian Rugbywomen", "Blank Tongue" and "Women of Aquitaine"(starts: 26min11s).

I had the pleasure of collaborating with The Poetrygram on two podcasts:

2. Poetrygram: Tips for Performing Your Poetry: I'm reading my poem "Tiresias and Moses" published in the charitable Light Through the Mist anthology (starts: 03min40s)

4. Poetrygram: How to Create a Poetry Journal: I'm giving some advice on how to keep a poetry journal along with other poets (starts: 09min56s)


I read the poems "My Cricket Kids", "Alma Mater Studio Room", "The French Women of Fulham", "Pikachu in the Musée d'Orsay", "What Strikes Me About the Maiko", 'Three Other Ways to Look at Venice", "Their Common Language" and "Red Card" for What We Read Now. I also discuss with other poets my writing process(1h16min).





This is a recording of my poetry reading, workshop and discussion with fellow poet Alice Hiller. I am reading "The Basque Whaler", "Six War Letters" and "Krieg" (starts 04:00 min), then "Red Card", "Divine Séraphine" and "Via Domitia" (1h05min50s). My creative writing prompt starts at 1h35min, and you can listen to Alice's poems and our discussions in between.





This video is a recording of my reading for the Voicing our Silences collective. You can travel from Italy to Argentina and Spain with "The Via Appia Catacombs", "Their Common Language", "The Wandering Gaucho", "Amerikanoa", "The Basque Whaler" and "We Are the Descendants".


Have you ever wondered how Occitan sounds like? Or how I sing? Listen to my reading of "How Joan Petit Dances" from the first issue of Pollux Journal (USA).



I read "Amerikanoa", "Their Common Language", and "The Argentinian Rugbywomen" as part of the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival (Virginia, USA).



I was invited by Neptune's Glitter House for WayWard Poets to read some of my poems. Here is a replay of the event (starts: 03min10s). I'm reading:

1) The Frenchwomen of Fulham

2) Krieg

3) Their Common Language

4) Amerikanoa

5) Boniches (parts I, II, III, IV, V)



My poem "Krieg" was commended for the 2020 Ambit Poetry Competition. You can watch me reading it here (starts 15min30s).



I recorded my poem "Divine Séraphine" for the magazine The Scores.



I am reading here my poem "The Argentinian Rugbywomen", published in Magma's "Resistencia" issue.



You can listen to my performance for the Poem-A-Thon

at The Poetry Café here (starts 00min45s). I'm reading the following poems:

1) "The Japanese Rugbywomen"

2) "My Cricket Kids"

3) "Les Misérables"

4) "Body Languages"

5) "Tales of the Woodcock"

6) "Tiresias and Moses"

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