I had the pleasure of collaborating with The Poetrygram on two podcasts:

2. Poetrygram: Tips for Performing Your Poetry

I'm reading my poem "Tiresias and Moses" published in the charitable Light Through the Mist anthology (starts: 03min40s)

4. Poetrygram: How to Create a Poetry Journal

I'm giving some advice on how to keep a poetry journal along with other poets (starts: 09min56s)



I was invited by Neptune's Glitter House for WayWard Poets to read some of my poems. Here is a replay of the event.


My poem "Krieg" was commended for the 2020 Ambit Poetry Competition. You can watch me reading it here.


I recorded my poem "Divine Séraphine"

for the magazine The Scores.


I am reading here my poem "The Argentinian Rugbywomen", published in Magma's "Resistencia" issue.


You can listen to my performance for the Poem-A-Thon

at The Poetry Café here (starts 00min45s):

I'm reading the following poems:

1) "The Japanese Rugbywomen"

2) "My Cricket Kids"

3) "Les Misérables"

4) "Body Languages"

5) "Tales of the Woodcock"

6) "Tiresias and Moses"

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