"How I Stopped Hugging My Mother"
and "First Phone"

July 2021

Running in Park

"The Frenchwomen of Fulham"

March 2021

French Doors

"Haunted by Houses"

March 2021

Teacher Playing Piano

"This is How Joan Petit Dances"

February 2021



November 2020


"Divine Séraphine"

June 2020

The Argentinian Rugby Women

"The Argentinian Rugby Women"

April 2020



November 2019

Cricket Player

"My Cricket Kids"

June 2019


"Pikachu in the Musée d’Orsay"

February 2019

IMG_20151004_154308 (1).jpg

"Bologna" and "Tiresias and Moses"

July 2018


"Tales of the Woodcock"

May 2018

Inkblot test - Into the Void.jpg

"The Black Butterflies"

April 2018

Drunken Roses (Ink, Sweat and Tears) - Julie Irigaray Poet

"Drunken Roses"

February 2018

Chalkboard with Different Languages

"The Blank Tongue"

September 2017

Canva - Octopus, Tentacles, Sucker, Seaf

"On Cooking Krakens"

September 2017

Sotto il Mare (The Ofi Press) - Julie Irigaray Poet - View of Biarritz and the Pyrenees, own artwork

"Sotto il Mare"

August 2017

Ouija (Three Drops from a Cauldron) - Julie Irigaray Poet, own artwork "Family Tree"


October 2016

The Via Appia, Hecate's Cauldron (Molly Bloom) - Julie Irigaray Poet, own artwork

"The Via Appia Catacombs" and "Hecate's Cauldron"

September 2016

Human Skull Sketch


August 2016

Full list of publications

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  • The Alchemy Spoon (UK), "I Live in a Fat Lady", August 2021

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