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I have been teaching creative writing, and more specifically poetry, since September 2019. I vary activities and techniques to make the classroom more interactive and engaging as well as to match students’ needs.


I used to work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Huddersfield in 2021-2022. A qualified English Language Teacher (CELTA), I taught English and French as foreign languages in France, Ireland (Trinity College Dublin) and the UK. As a graduate thoroughly trained in English linguistics, I know the difficulties encountered by non-native speakers.

Teaching: About Me
Loft Studio

Creative Writing

Since September 2019, I've been teaching creative writing classes at City Lit. I am teaching several courses at City Lit in 2024: Poetry Workshop: Intensive (16/04/24 - 21/05/24) and Poetry and the Moving Image (21/07/24).​

I feel the need to help students reach their full potential by creating an environment where they feel safe to explore the stories within them.

My main goal is to make my students confident enough to believe in their work. I give them the opportunity to workshop their writing and receive constructive feedback. I use various exercises and poems (from classic to contemporary poetry, English-language poems to translated works) to broaden my students’ knowledge. In my classes, they develop their critical skills by analysing carefully the way poems are crafted and apply what they’ve learned to their own practice.

I also have in stock other creative writing classes for more advanced levels or thematic (focusing on one topic or practical-oriented). Here is a non-exhaustive list of my classes:

- Childhood

- Family

- Five senses

- History

- How to Create a Poetry Pamphlet

- How to Submit to Poetry Magazines

- International/Multilingual Poetry

- Place

- The Poetry of Displacement

- The Seven Deadly Sins

- Women Poets

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at to learn more about it.


In 2021-2022, I worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Huddersfield.


I designed and developed teaching materials (quizzes, videos, handouts, recorded lectures) for the courses

AFE1209-2122: Literary Genres and APR0085-2122 Twentieth Century Poetry (undergarduate level)

Students Taking Exams
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